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Experience Wyoming Stargazing in Jackson Hole

Wyoming Stargazing
Artificial light from cities has dramatically changed how many Americans see the night sky. Many of us turn our heads to the sky, and instead of gazing at stars, we see the orange glow of light pollution. Wyoming remains one of the only states in the country where you can experience truly dark skies that allow you to see planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies with beautiful clarity. Wyoming Stargazing is a nonprofit organization in Jackson Hole dedicated to sharing our spectacular night skies with the public. There are various public programs and guided tours available here that offer an excellent introduction to stargazing. Stay with us at Fireside Resort and leave Jackson Hole feeling inspired and connected to the cosmos.

Free Public Stargazing

Wyoming Stargazing offers several public programs where you can learn all about astronomy for free. The free stargazing programs on Thursdays allow you to see the night sky through a large aperture telescope. Astronomy educators will happily answer any questions you have and help you identify stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies.

See the Night Sky with a Guide

Private tours are available year-round with Wyoming Stargazing. These tours are the best way for families to get individualized attention and find the best stargazing spots. Your guide will bring you to a dark sky location within Grand Teton National Park and set up a telescope for your group to use. And while the telescope is in use by someone else, you can use the Star Walk application on our iPads to keep exploring the sky.

If you want to capture this memorable moment forever, then add the Night Sky Photo Package to your tour. The team will use a special DSLR camera to take photographs of the sky along with photos of your group using the telescope.

Stargazing on Your Own

Our cabins at Fireside Resort are an excellent place to stargaze in Wyoming. Our cabins are nestled in the Teton wilderness and feature private decks great for viewing the night sky. Relax in front of the firepit and point out your favorite constellations while roasting marshmallows. Grand Teton National Park is only 6 miles from our resort and offers some of the best stargazing in the country. Learn about the best places to stargaze near Jackson Hole with this helpful article.

Witness Dark Skies at Fireside

Wyoming is unlike anywhere else; here, clear skies are abundant, and light pollution is practically nonexistent, providing the perfect destination for stargazing. But, Wyoming truly has something for every adventurer no matter what time of year you visit Jackson Hole. So, join us for a vacation under the stars at Fireside Resort and experience the night sky like never before.