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Plan a Memorable Summer Vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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  When the weather is warm, it's a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the natural scenery and discover the abundant wildlife living in the region. Your Jackson Hole summer vacation will be filled with tons of exciting adventures. The best things to do in Jackson Hole include:

  • Go sightseeing around town
  • Visit nearby national parks
  • Take a wildlife tour

Go Sightseeing around Town

Jackson Hole is a charming town inspired by the Old West. Many of the places around town are inspired by the region to immerse travelers into the local scene. One of the must-see attractions during your Jackson Hole summer vacation is the Antler Arch. It's the most famous landmark built entirely of elk antlers—it's the perfect photo opportunity. Take a stroll through downtown to see the public art of local wildlife, boutique shops selling nature-themed souvenirs, and a bevy of award-winning restaurants.

Visit Nearby National Parks

Jackson Hole is conveniently located near two of Wyoming's top national parks: Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Teton National Park offers exceptional opportunities for hiking, fishing, kayaking, and boating. There are hundreds of miles of trails in Grand Teton National Park. Explore the trails here, to find one suitable to your skill level. Jenny Lake is a great place to fly fish and is surrounded by incredible views. Both cutthroat trout and lake trout can be found in Jenny Lake. We would recommend Jackson Lake for taking out your kayak or motorboat.

Yellowstone National Park is approximately a two-hour drive from Jackson Hole. Plan an entire day around visiting the park because there are plenty of things to see and do that you don't want to miss. Some of the top attractions to see in Yellowstone National Park are the Old Faithful geyser, Tower Fall, and Yellowstone Caldera. Stop by the park's visitor center to discover the best hiking trails to take to the various attractions.

Take a Wildlife Tour

Jackson Hole is in one of the best-preserved regions of the United States. Thanks to numerous conservation efforts, it remains home to an abundance of wildlife—many of which are native to the region. Wildlife tours are a popular activity to add to a Jackson Hole summer vacation itinerary. Guided tours take you to the best spots right outside of town to encounter animals, including elk, wolves, eagles, buffalo, bears. EcoTour Adventures offers several options for guided wildlife viewing including half day and full day excursions. Choose a tour with Backcountry Safaris and the Wildlife Biologist will teach you all about the animals of the region. Tours are available for both Yellowstone and Grand Teton, so book yours today!

Luxury Cabin Rentals in Jackson Hole

Fireside Resort is one of the best places to stay during your Jackson Hole summer vacation. Our luxury cabin experience combines a modern hotel stay with camping. We offer full cabin vacation rentals equipped with kitchens, bedrooms, and a space to build your own campfire. It's a convenient way to experience all of the exciting activities nearby in Jackson Hole. Call 307-733-1177 for more information.