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Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole and Wyoming Cabin Rentals

It's no coincidence that places like Jackson Hole, which are fantastic for skiing, also make for great snowmobiling destinations. However, unlike skiing, snowmobiling in Jackson Hole allows you to discover the Wyoming backcountry's expanse without limiting yourself to one mountainside. Furthermore, there is a bevy of exciting options from single-day tours to multiple-day excursions for visitors to select. Adding to the allure of snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, Fireside Resort in Wilson, Wyoming, has an excellent selection of cabin rentals waiting to serve as your basecamp for adventure. With seemingly unfettered access to some of the best Wyoming snowmobile trails, unrivaled lodging options, and a gamut of unbelievable amenities, Fireside Resort is poised to deliver. Today we'll share some insight and information about why snowmobiling in Jackson Hole is something every winter sports enthusiast should experience.

What to Expect While Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole

The best part about snowmobiling in Jackson Hole is the seemingly endless piles of powder to rip through as you explore backcountry trails. There are many excellent reasons to go snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, but having over 500 inches of annual snowfall certainly doesn't hurt either. Suppose you aren't familiar with the terrain and the local geography. In that case, several outfitters are more than willing to show you the way through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, among a few other recreation areas. With Jackson Hole snowmobile tours ranging from half to multiple days, safety training, and necessary supplies, Togwotee Adventures is one of our favorite guide services. Another option worth considering is to rent a sled, which is also available at Togwotee Adventures.

Best Places to Explore on Your Sled near Fireside Resort

Most vacationers associate our neck of the woods with skiing, but there is no shortage of recreation areas ideal for snowmobiling. Here are some of our favorite places to explore while snowmobiling in Jackson Hole:

  • Grey's River is a hidden gem just south of Jackson reserved for only the most experienced riders.
  • Togwotee attracts snowmobilers worldwide to test their skills on one of the most challenging terrains on the continent.
  • Granite Hot Springs is great for beginners or families with children. There are very few things more relaxing than a hot spring soak after a day on the trails.
  • The Gros Ventre Mountains, east of Jackson Hole, is the place to go when you want to enjoy your machine while appreciating nature and abundant wildlife.

Jackson Hole Lodging in Wilson, Wyoming

Whether you're looking for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation, Fireside Resort is your premier option for snowmobiling in Jackson Hole. You don't need to stay at an expensive ski resort or stuffy hotel to enjoy everything our slice of winter paradise has to offer. Instead, let Fireside Resort be your basecamp for adventure! For more information to plan your trip, please visit our website or call 307-733-1177.