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Digest in the West | Our Favorite Jackson Hole Restaurants

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The cornerstone of any proper vacation is finding a new place and doing something different. Many travel enthusiasts will tell you the best way to immerse yourself in a locality is to sample some of their most delectable culinary offerings. Trying your favorite entree at a newly discovered restaurant is a badge of honor for many foodies, and there are plenty of restaurants in Jackson Hole to choose! As many eateries are still deciding whether to open their dining halls to indoor seating, you may find yourself scratching your head wondering where to find the best restaurants in Jackson Hole. Thankfully, you can usually order takeout, and with spring and summer just around the corner, many of the local establishments will have outdoor dining options. As such, Fireside Resort is here with cozy and affordable cabin rentals to offer the perfect launchpad for your culinary quest.

3 Terrific Jackson Hole Restaurants near Fireside Resort

Despite the mountain town's rustic characteristics, there is a wide variety of restaurants in Jackson Hole that offer much more than bison burgers. All jokes aside—by the way, bison is delicious—we're confident this quick guide will help give you some ideas. The best restaurants in Jackson Hole are part of what makes our slice of paradise a highly desirable vacation spot, so we'll return the favor by sending you their way. You can find a more extensive list on the chamber of commerce's food and drink page. Order up!

Best Restaurant for Romance: Snake River Grill

Jackson Hole may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of gourmet cuisine in a romantic atmosphere, but Snake River Grill puts those misconceptions to rest. With an exquisite fine dining experience, SRG has served as the region's premier steakhouse for over 25 years. With an eclectic menu that seems to never stay in one place, SRG offers an ambiance that graciously lends itself to a romantic evening for two.

Best Restaurant for Kids: Calico Bar & Restaurant

A long-time favorite of both travelers and locals alike, Calico Bar & Restaurant presents a casual yet elegant atmosphere with something for everyone. Specializing in locally sourced produce, Calico offers a variety of sustainably seasonal entrees. Kids can enjoy playing around on their half-acre lawn while the adults finish their chat.

Best Restaurant You Wouldn't Expect in Wyoming: SUDA Izakaya

SUDA Izakaya is a charming Japanese bistro that specializes in shareable cuisine. With everything from katsu, kushi-yaki, teriyaki, ramen, sushi, and sashimi, travelers need not look elsewhere for world-class Japanese food in the "Wild West." Literally translating to "dine in sake shop," visitors will soon understand the reasoning behind the name thanks to an extensive wine and cocktail menu that features a seemingly endless number of must-try sakis and shochus. SUDA also provides private dining for those seeking a more intimate experience.

Cabins in Wyoming | Jackson Hole Vacation Rentals

Now that you have a better idea of what the restaurants in Jackson Hole have to offer, it's time to decide which cabin is right for you! With an impressive collection of contemporary lodging options, Fireside Resort in Wilson, Wyoming, is poised to deliver a memorable vacation you'll cherish for years to come. Whether you seek a weekend getaway or an extended retreat, you'll feel at home with Fireside. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit our contact page or call 307-733-1177 today.