Summer Camp is All Grown Up

Posted on: August 7th, 2014 by Jessica Zelenko 

Elle Décor recently dubbed Fireside Resort a “glamorous adult summer camp.” We couldn’t agree more. Our cozy, modern cabins and our glamping tents will blow your childhood memories out of the water. We can’t promise a game of capture the flag, but we’ve got luxury lodging with a camping feel. We also happen to be located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I never went to camp as a child. I was shy and timid and absolutely petrified at the thought of a summer spent away from home with strangers. Now, I’m grown and I regret letting nerves keep me from what would have been an amazing time of fun, adventures and memory making. There’s good news those of us who missed out on camp or those of you who had the time of your life at camp and want to go back. You’re never too old to come to the glamorous adult summer camp at Fireside Resort.

Fireside Resort is like summer camp on steroids. Locals like to call Jackson Hole an adult playground. You can mountain bike, road bike, hike, white water raft, climb, go fly-fishing and more. Looking to chill out? You can kick back in the hot tub. Or, you can roast s’mores right outside your cabin while enjoying the nightly view of the Milky Way.

There are two options. You can book a glamping tent or a cabin. These tents and cabins aren’t your typical summer camp lodging. While glamping, you get all of the benefits of a typical camping trip (sleeping under the stars, sitting around a campfire, falling asleep to the sounds of nature) without the less appealing aspects (pitching a tent, lugging gear and food, sleeping on the bumpy ground). Instead of a night spent tossing and turning, you get a king size bed, luxury linens, a cleaning service and a truly unique lodging experience. The glamping bathhouse includes luxury, private washrooms, as well as rain showers, heated floors and organic spa products.

Prefer having four solid walls around you when you sleep? No problem. Our cabins offer modern, rustic luxury. Each cabin includes a fireplace and deck. A full kitchen offers you the opportunity to prepare your own food and make yourself fully at home. An HDTV and Wi-Fi are provided so that you can stay connected, even while totally getting away.

The next evolution of camping has arrived. Fireside Resort has taken all of the best parts of camping and replaced the hassle with luxury. No need to spend your time feeling nostalgic for your childhood summer camp days. Time to come to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and make some new memories. These memories can have s’mores and campfires, but they can, also, have a nice bottle of whiskey, a home cooked steak, luxury linens and a beautiful private bathroom. You can even bring the doggy along for the adventure because Fireside Resort is pet friendly. Who says kids have all the fun? Maybe growing up isn’t so bad, huh?

History of the S’more

Posted on: October 25th, 2013 by Jessica Zelenko

I’m always shocked when someone isn’t familiar with s’mores. What kind of childhood did this person have? In my opinion, it must have been joyless, tasteless, campfire less and deprived. Ok, a little dramatic but I love s’mores and if you don’t know what they are, I feel bad for you. I remember my first introduction to s’mores when I was 5-years-old around my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Lon’s bonfire in their apple orchard. It was one of the first times I felt like a grownup. I was in charge of my own marshmallow roasting technique. If I wanted my marshmallow charred to a crisp, that was my choice. Really, that was just what kept happening because I didn’t have great hand/eye coordination near a flame, but I could act like it was my choice and it felt great. What’s not to love about s’mores? There is the tame danger of the open flame, the simplicity of 3 key components, the ease of making and the delicious taste.

For those of you who haven’t been properly introduced to a s’more, it is a simple desert, most commonly made by a campfire, but it can also be made in a microwave, oven or grill. S’mores are simply a roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. The warmth of the marshmallow melts the chocolate, making the whole thing gooey and delectable. The name, s’more, is a contraction of the phrase “some more” because you are going to keep wanting some more s’mores.

The actual invention of the s’more is fuzzy in history. It seems that the s’more was invented around a campfire sometime in the early 19th century. They became popular because of the ease of carrying the three components, marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers, on camping trips. The recipe was passed orally, around campsites, until 1927 when it was first published in the Girl Scout Handbook. The popularization of the s’more was preempted by other marshmallow and chocolate deserts, like the Mallomar cookie in 1913 and the Moon Pie that was introduced in 1917. They have been included in the Marriam-Webster Dictionary since 1974. S’mores have since become so popular that August 10th has been named National S’mores Day in the United States.

Even though a s’more is incredibly simple, it is still a culinary treat because of the contrasting flavors and textures. The gooey, sticky marshmallow offsets the melted, creamy chocolate. It’s made perfect by the crisp and savory graham crackers that hold the two together. The contrasting flavors and textures come together to make a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether s’mores are already a part of your campfire history or you are a first time roaster, Fireside Resort makes it easy for you to enjoy one of America’s most classic treats. Fireside Resort supplies the campfire and the s’more supplies. All you have to do is book the cabin and come enjoy all that Jackson Hole has to offer. S’mores are just the beginning of the fun.

Fireside Resort is Pet Friendly

Posted on: October 10th, 2013 by Jessica Zelenko

My family dog was named Gidget Suzanne Zelenko. She was a dog with a substantial name and the attitude to back it up. I was ten when we got her and was obsessed with the “girl midget” immortalized in the 1959 film Gidget. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Gidget is a movie about a petite, blonde pony-tailed tomboy who wants to surf with the boys. She is a little spitfire. I was 10 when we bought our little miniature Schnauzer. She was a runt and had her own sass, earning her the name Gidget. Her middle name, Suzanne, was in honor of the beauty queen, southern princess on the TV show Designing Women. Not all dogs are given middle names but I’m pretty sure most of the little dogs that were being named in Little Rock, Arkansas by ten-year-old girls in the early ‘90s were being given middle names. Us girls were all wearing huge bows in our hair and giving our dogs long names.

Gidget was a part of the family and pretty high maintenance, just like the women she was named after. She was pampered and coddled. She went where we went, including family road trips and this is where things got tricky. Our dog was a member of our family but that doesn’t mean that she was welcome everywhere we all want to go. Lodging was particularly tricky with a dog. Only some hotels would accommodate pets and usually they were not the hotels where we most wanted to stay. In fact, finding lodging that was pet friendly often meant we were forced into a motel, not a hotel.

I wish growing up, when we would all come to Jackson Hole for our annual vacation, that Fireside Resort had existed. Fireside Resort is a welcome relief for pet owners who love to travel with the whole family but still want to stay in quality and comfort. The accommodations are both pet friendly and luxurious. The modern, rustic aesthetic is complemented by a bomber leather sofa, HD flat screen TV, king size bed, Kholer fixtures and a convenient L-shaped kitchen for when you prefer to cook in. There are fire pits to roast s’mores and Fireside will provide you with the supplies. Welcome to the west. Forget about a mint on your pillow. Roasted marshmallows under the Milky Way are how we do it out here in Wyoming. To top this all off, Fireside Resort welcomes your pet.

No more worrying about your pet while you are on vacation and have to board the dog. No begrudging your pet for forcing you into less than stellar lodging. Another benefit of Fireside Resort is that each of the Rolling Cabins is it’s own separate unit. Noise and disturbances are kept at a minimum because there is no one staying on the other side of the wall. You won’t be disturbed by others pets and your pet won’t be constantly hearing unfamiliar voices through the wall. When we say we are pet friendly, we don’t just mean that we allow pets. We truly make it easier for you to enjoy your vacation with your pet.

Fireside Resort is luxury lodging that would have met the demanding needs of my spoiled, southern dog Gidget Suzanne Zelenko. Too bad she had to spend all of those nights at crummy motels with no surrounding outdoor space and being shushed for every growl at the noises coming through the paper-thin walls. She was a dog who deserved the luxury and comfort that Fireside Resort provides.

Glamping: Luxury and Adventure in the Great Outdoors

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 by Jessica Zelenko

Is choosing a vacation location a frequent source of contention in your house? Let me introduce you to your new best friend: Glamping.

Vacation time is scarce.

You want adventure, breathtaking scenery, and escape. You also just want to put your feet up and check out on responsibility. Another possibility is that you love camping, but your travel companion equates it with bugs, sleepless nights, and bad food. For those looking to experience the beauty and peace that comes with camping while relaxing in luxury, glamping is the perfect solution. It’s often said that they key to a successful relationship is compromise. With glamping, compromise has never looked so good.

Glamping (also known as Glamour Camping) is a new form of camping that combines the classic tent-living experience with the amenities of luxury lodging.

Most glamps have indulgent bedding, bathhouses with warm showers and toilets, fire pits, and a cleaning service. You can hear the sounds of nature from your comfortable bed as you sleep under the stars. To make things even better, the room is pre-assembled for you. Instead of fighting against sunset to assemble a tent, you can unpack your suitcase and start relaxing.

Camping is a trip, Glamping is a vacation

You are going to love glamping because it removes the hassle of camping and leaves behind all of the best parts. Forget fumbling with tent poles, stressing to find dry firewood, and praying a bear won’t get into your food. You get the best of camping, while still having the comforts of indoor plumbing. Get back from an epic hike and take a warm shower, relax in a rocking chair by your fire pit and gaze up at the stars. Roast marshmallows over a campfire and easily move inside to your comfortable bed. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature, and wake, well rested, ready for the next day of adventure. While you’re gone, let the cleaning service tidy up your tent.

Glamping at Fireside Resort

Jackson Hole’s Fireside Resort is an incredible example of what glamping can offer. Located midway between the Grand Teton National Park entrance and the town of Jackson, it offers access to all of your vacation wants. You’re minutes away from hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, horseback riding and a bevy of other adventures. While you wear yourself out during the day, you can refuel in the evening at a one of the many fine restaurants. There’s no better time to try a buffalo steak than after a day of mountain biking. If you want to have a relaxing day at a spa or shop for some cowboy boots, the town of Jackson or Teton Village is just a short drive from your glamp.

Learn More about Glamping at Fireside Resort

You don’t need to forgo nature to enjoy a luxurious vacation. Glamping offers a solution to those who would love to camp but really need a relaxing vacation. If you or your travel companion has always ruled out camping because of the mess and inconvenience, it’s time to go glamping. Enjoy the comforts of luxury in the beauty of nature.